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  • How do I connect my Nanoleaf Lights to LIGHTLINK?
    Download the LIGHTLINK App for iOS or Android Android iOS Windows MAC Create an account in LIGHTLINK. When prompted, press the power button on your Nanoleaf device until it flashes. Wait for Nanoleaf to connect. When successful you will be able to continue past the connect screen.
  • What Nanoleaf Lights can I use with LIGHTLINK?
    Nanoleaf Lines Nanoleaf Aurora Triangle Lights Nanoleaf Canvas Squares Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Mini Triangles Large Triangles
  • I can't connect my Nanoleaf. Help!
    Here are some troubleshooting methods to connect your Nanoleaf. Wifi: Make sure that your Nanoleaf lights and your phone are connected to the same 2.4Ghz wifi network. 5Ghz networks will not work in the discovery phase of setup.
  • Does LIGHTLINK work with Hue, LifX, Govee, etc....?"
    Nanoleaf provides the most immersive light show experience. With LIGHTLINK for Windows, you can integrate RAZER CHROMA gaming peripherals into your light show as well as HUE and TWINKLY lights.
  • Why does this only work on 2.4GHz wifi?
    Many smart devices for lighting and other things, including Nanoleaf, communicate only over a 2.4GHz network. Since LIGHTLINK has to communicate with your Nanoleaf system, your device running LIGHTLINK also needs to be on the 2.4GHz network that your Nanoleaf is connected to. But, this is only necessary when you are first setting up the connection. Once you have connected to your Nanoleaf for the first time, you can switch your device running LIGHTLINK back to a 5GHz network for playing back lightshows. In fact, if you have many smart home devices, you will often get a smoother playback of lightshows on the 5GHz network, since it probably has fewer devices connected to it.
  • Why does my device need to be connected to the internet in order for lightshows to play?
    LIGHTLINK synchronizes lightshows to Spotify by communicating with the Spotify server over the internet. So, if you are not connected to the internet, LIGHTLINK can't talk to the Spotify server and won't know that you are playing a song. Also, LIGHTLINK talks to your Nanoleaf over wifi (through your rounter). So, in order to send the light commands to your Nanoleaf, you need to be connected to wifi through the same router that your Nanoleaf is connected to.
  • Does LIGHTLINK work if I am using my Nanoleaf in hotspot mode?
    Currently, no. However, we are evaluating this feature for future development.
  • I can't get LIGHTLINK to connect to my Nanoleaf. Could there be something in my router settings preventing it from connecting?
    Yes. LIGHTLINK uses something called 'UPnP' (Universal Plug-n-Play) to find the ip address of your Nanoleaf. Many routers have a security setting that allows you to turn off UPnP. Some people do this for security reasons, to prevent their home automation devices from being discovered by unauthorized people. If this is preventing LIGHTLINK from connecting to your Nanoleaf, you only have to turn UPnP on (in your router settings) while LIGHTLINK is connecting to your Nanoleaf for the first time. Once you have connected the first time, you can turn UPnP off again, if you would like, and LIGHTLINK will remember the connection information to play back light shows each time you open the app in the future.
  • What Spotify Account do I need for LightLink?
    To use LightLink, you will need a Spotify Premium account. This allows LightLink to communicate with Spotify to achieve perfect sync.
  • Do I really need Spotify in order to use LIGHTLINK?
    Yes, for now you need to have a Spotify Premium account in order to use LIGHTLINK. This is because we are using Spotify's API to synchronize the light shows to your music, and Spotify only allows use of their API for people who are Premium subscribers. If you are using LIGHTLINK Desktop Creator for Windows or MAC, you can create your own light shows for any MP3 file. Simply upload this file into Desktop Creator and begin placing lighting commands. However, to play back official LIGHTLINK created light shows, you will need Spotify Premium.
  • I don't have Spotify. Do you work with Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal etc..."
    Sorry, right now LightLink only works with Spotify Premium. Hopefully in the future these other platforms will become available.
  • I'm playing a song from the LIGHTLINK Spotify playlist, but my Nanoleaf is not playing the light show.
    In order for a LIGHTLINK light show to play on Android or iOS, you need to keep the LIGHTLINK app open (it is the active screen). After starting a song from the LIGHTLINK playlist in Spotify Premium, return to the LIGHTLINK app and keep it open. When using LIGHTLINK for Window or MAC, you can minimize the window and the light show will continue to play.
  • My favorite song isn’t on the LIGHTLINK playlist, will it be added soon?"
    We definitely take requests from our users and we hope to add the song you’re looking for! Use this link to make a song request. Alternatively, use LIGHTLINK Creator (for desktop) to create your own light show!
  • When I rewind a song in Spotify, the lightshow doesn't start over"
    Yeah, for reasons that are complicated to explain, we can't rewind a lightshow when you hit rewind in Spotify. To replay a lightshow from the beginning, pause the song in Spotify for a few seconds, then start it playing again, LIGHTLINK will rewind the song and the lightshow to play it from the beginning.
  • Why does the song always rewind in Spotify right after I start playing it?
    In order to synchronize the lightshow exactly with the music, we need to have the lights and the music start at EXACTLY the same time. Since we can't predict when you will tap Play in Spotify, we achieve this precise synchronization by controlling your Spotify playback. Once we detect that you have started playing a new song, we restart the song and start the show at exactly the same time, with robot precision.
  • Why does LIGHTLINK have to be kept in the foreground and the Android screen on?
    Android has some behind-the-scenes operations going on to try and save the battery of your mobile device. One of these operations is that Android shuts down any apps that are doing lots of computation or precise timing things if they are in the background or your device screen is off. LIGHTLINK uses precise timing in order to give you an awesome lightshow that is precisely synchronized to the music. So, if you turn off your Android device screen or put the app in the background, Android will shut down the LIGHTLINK timer after about 5 minutes, and the lightshow will stop.
  • What the heck is this 'sync adjust' slider for at the bottom of the player screen?
    The 'sync adjust' shifts the light commands slightly earlier or later relative to the music. Usually, this is used to adjust for delays in the music that come from using bluetooth speakers or headphones. Using bluetooth speakers or headphones causes the music to play a little bit late, and so the light show lighting commands appear to happen too early. You can adjust for this by setting the sync adjust slider until the light commands appear to be correctly synchronized to the music. When you change the value on the sync adjust slider, it takes effect immediately (you don't have to restart the app or replay the song to make it take effect). The best way to use "Sync Adjust" is to play the "Metronome" found in the LightLink Spotify Playlist. Your lights will begin flashing. - White = Beat 1 - Red = Beat 2 - Green = Beat 3 - Blue = Beat 4 Adjust the slider on the screen until your Nanoleaf lights flash in sync with the metronome.
  • Why is there a 'metronome' song in the LIGHTLINK playlist? That's the most boring 'song' ever!
    Ha ha yeah - the metronome is in the playlist to help you set the sync adjust correctly. When you play the metronome, your Nanoleaf lights will flash white on beat one, then red, green, blue on beats 2, 3, and 4. Play around with the value of the sync adjust slider until this is lined up correctly, and then all of the other songs should be synchronize correctly, also.
  • How much does LIGHTLINK cost?
    After your free trial, LIGHTLINK Mobile (Android or iOS) is $2.99/month. - Play back light shows on 1 Nanoleaf Controller. - Access to any of the over 150 songs (10 hours of content). LIGHTLINK Desktop Player (Windows or MAC) is $4.99/month. - Includes LIGHTLINK Mobile for play back on 1 Nanoleaf Controller. - Play back light shows on 5 Nanoleaf Controllers at the same time using Desktop. - Add RAZER devices to your light show, along with HUE and TWINKLY (Windows Only). - Arrange the playlist in any order. - Change the order of your Nanoleaf lights to create more immersive animations. - Play light shows created by other LIGHTLINK users. LIGHTLINK Desktop Creator Windows or MAC) is $9.99/month. - Includes LIGHTLINK Mobile. - Includes all features of LIGHTLINK Desktop Player. - CREATE your OWN light show for any Spotify song or MP3 file!
  • Can I see new shows even if I’m not a subscriber?
    Yes! Even if you are not a subscriber you can always see a preview of any light show in the Spotify LIGHTLINK playlist. All LIGHTLINK light shows are also posted in full on YouTube.
  • Why do I have to pay to watch the whole show!? Why can't you just make it free!?
    LIGHTLINK shows are as awesome as they are because our lighting designers meticulously programs each show by hand. It's a labor-intensive process, but it is a labor of love. Your subscription fee provides food and beer for our lighting designer.
  • I'd like to cancel my LIGHTLINK subscription.
    We're sorry to see you go! LIGHTLINK subscriptions are handled based on your platform: iOS - Please cancel in the Apple App Store Android - Please cancel in the Google Play store Desktop - Please cancel in your Paypal account If you have any questions please reach out to us in the chat windows on this page.
  • I’m interested in programming my own light show, but don't know where to start.
    Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get started making your own lighting commands! If you run into any trouble or are looking for further assistance, please leave a comment or reach out to us directly. We would love to help!
  • I’m in the middle of programming lighting scenes to a song using Desktop Creator, and I feel like I’m stuck.
    That's ok! Try reading our blog for ideas and inspiration, or shoot us a message and we would love to chat about ideas and different scenes to try out.
  • Can I make my own lightshows?
    Yes! We have a desktop version of LIGHTLINK called 'LIGHTLINK Creator' that works on Windows and Mac that allows you to make your own lightshows. Our lighting designer made a tutorial video to help you learn how to do it. You can watch the tutorial video here... and you can get LIGHTLINK Creator here... Download Windows Download MAC
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