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LIGHTLINK Cube Conversion Kit for Twinkly Squares

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Introducing the Twinkly Cube Conversion Kit: Unleash the Power of RGB in 3 Dimensions!

Are you a passionate gamer or an RGB enthusiast who loves to customize your computer setup? Look no further, as we present the ultimate solution to elevate your LED Twinkly squares to a whole new dimension. Our Twinkly Cube Conversion Kit will transport your lighting experience from two dimensions to three, transforming your LED squares into an awe-inspiring RGB gaming cube!

See the CUBE in action here on our YouTube channel:
CUBE Playlist

Key Features:

  • Seamless Transition: Our conversion kit seamlessly integrates with your existing Twinkly LED squares, transforming them into an enchanting RGB gaming cube in just a few simple steps. No need to purchase new lights or compromise on your existing setup.
  • Dynamic 3D Illumination: Witness your gaming space come alive with brilliant 3D lighting effects. The Twinkly Cube Conversion Kit empowers you to experience a new level of immersion, where each side of the cube pulsates with a rainbow of vibrant colors, creating a truly captivating visual spectacle.
  • Customizable: Take complete control of your lighting aesthetics! The kit uses your Twinkly app to change or create color scenes.
  • Easy Installation and Versatility: Convenience matters. That's why our kit is designed for hassle-free installation and takes only minutes to convert your Twinkly Squares into an amazing cube.
  • Advanced Music Visualization: Each Cube comes with 1 Free Month of LIGHTLINK, the most advanced music visualizer for smart lights. (No subscription is required to use the Cube, you can use the Twinkly App for Free to customize and play your own light scenes)
  • Endless Possibilities: Let your imagination run wild! With the Twinkly Cube Conversion Kit, you can create a personalized lighting masterpiece that suits your unique style. From subtle and soothing hues to pulsating bursts of energy, the only limit is your creativity.

Upgrade your Twinkly Squares and RGB setup to extraordinary new heights with the Twinkly Cube Conversion Kit. Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors, mesmerize your senses, and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Note: This kit is an accessory and does not include the LED Twinkly Squares.

You will need to add 6 of your own Twinkly Squares.

Finished Twinkly Cube is 8.375" x 8.375" x 8.375"

Want to make your Cube rotate? You'll need the following items:


Battery Pack compatible with Twinkly Squares

100 watt USB C Cable - Right Angle

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