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Can Nanoleaf Lights Sync with Music?

Updated: May 31

Yes, Nanoleaf Smarter Series lights can sync with music! You have two options when choosing the best way to add music to your Nanoleaf lights.

LIGHTLINK offers music sync to some of your favorite songs on Spotify. Since each light show is being created by a human designer, you get a light show with colors and animations that are meant to enhance the emotion in each song as felt by a human being. With hundreds of light shows in the library, you have hours of entertainment and a new way to experience your favorite music. If you feel inspired, you can also use LIGHTLINK Creator for Windows to create your own light shows to enjoy or share with other users.

Nanoleaf lights also offer a feature called "Rhythm," which allows you to set your lights to pulse and change color in sync with music, sound, or your own voice.

To use the Rhythm feature, you'll need to connect your Nanoleaf lights to the Nanoleaf app and follow the instructions for setting up the Rhythm module (which is an optional accessory that plugs into your original Nanoleaf lights). On Nanoleaf Canvas, Shapes and Lines Series lights, the Rhythm is built in to your controller.

Once the Rhythm module is set up, you can choose from several modes, including "Music" mode, which allows your lights to reach to music from your phone or an external source.

You can also customize the Rhythm settings to adjust the sensitivity and intensity of the light changes, as well as choose specific colors and effects. The drawback of Rhythm is that it is not intelligently reacting to the lights and the resulting light show can be sporadic. Regardless, The Rhythm feature is a fun and dynamic way to add some visual interest to your space, and it can be a great way to enhance parties and other events.

Test out both music sync options and see what works best for you!

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